6 Renewable Energy Resources You Can Source to Generate Electricity

Issues about climate change, fossil fuels, loss of biodiversity, improper waste disposal and other environmental controversies is not a strange issue anymore. Ecological status is gradually changing because of human activities.

Being attentive as a human being would mean a lot to minimize the impact of global warming. Our actions are the only solution for this existing problem. As the first step of change, take a look at the most relevant alternative energy resources that you can use in your home.

Solar Power

Solar energy is the most well-known alternative energy resources. Solar power technology evolved widely over the years, and it’s now known as the most beneficial power generator for homes. Numerous countries recommend these particular alternative sources. From the word itself, solar power uses heat from the sun to produce a completely renewable type of energy.

Hydroelectric Energy

The hydroelectric method is the earliest means of creating energy. In United States, a lot of the power used in most cities come from energy produced from hydroelectric power as it carries many benefits. It is a clean and safe source of energy which means, it doesn’t create pollution.

Mostly, dams use hydroelectric energy to control flood. Hydroelectric power operates through the use of large pipes also known as tunnels. Further growth of this technology may be possible because of its beneficial functions.

Geothermal Power

We extract energy from the ground, that’s how geothermal power functions. The World Bank presently estimates that around forty countries worldwide could find their power demands by using geothermal power as a source of their energy.  It uses energy from both water (hydro) and heat (thermal).

Geothermal power requires 300°F to 700°F temperature. People usually obtain the energy by drilling wells and piping steam into the surface. The extracted hot water from the Earth will pass the series of wells and feed the power plant.

Tidal Power

Same with the hydroelectric method, tidal power mainly uses water to generate energy. The fact that it is a new technology for producing energy a lot more research is needed to fully harness the power of the tides.

The United Kingdom reports that this technology can highly meet the UK’s electricity demands. Tidal stream generators are the most common form of tidal energy that uses kinetic energy or the energy in motion of the ocean to activate turbines without producing wastes.

Wind Energy

In recent years, this form of alternative supply of energy has become popular with a lot of countries. Same with the benefits of other alternative resources, wind energy is a renewable power and generates no harmful emissions. In a recent study, twenty million homes in the United States installed wind energy as their primary energy supply.

The term describes the wind movement and uses it to generate electricity. To harness the energy from the wind, a lot of people use traditional windmills. Other large scale enterprises use Wind Turbines. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy into mechanical power and use it for various tasks in homes, schools, business company and the like.


Plants and animals are the sources of this particular energy supplier. In short, biofuels make use of organic materials. Biofuel goes by a lot of names such as Ethanol or Biodiesel. These fuels are potent enough that they are often used as an alternative form of gas for vehicles.

A lot of households also make use of methane, another type of biofuel. Instead of using butane, LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas and other harmful gases, a lot of people nowadays know better. Due to Biofuels mostly coming from decomposing plant and animal matter, waste sites and other compost pits are also good sources of Biofuel.


Science and technology equip various alternative energy sources such as Tidal, Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass, and Solar energy all make up the renewable sources used by a lot of people globally. Generation by generation, the fuel sources mentioned above gain more vital importance and popularity due to its unmeasurable benefits and relatively, harm-free energy.

Although some alternative resources still warrant a considerable amount to install, it all becomes worthwhile in the end due to countless savings made possible. Visit any websites such as G Store for more alternative solutions for a greener environment.

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