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5 Foods That Can Kill A Runner’s Endurance and Stamina

If you are a runner, you will appreciate the fact that your body is a real machine which responds to what you supply to it. Just like a car engine, your body will either run efficiently or jam at some point based on what you eat. Healthy foods are very essential for the optimal functionality of your body and these will help enhance your endurance and keep going especially if you are a long distance runner.

On the other hand, a poor diet will simply slow you down and in some cases result in severe flatulence and be bloating. As such, you should avoid eating these foods especially before your running or training experience in order to run longer and maintain the right momentum. Here are 5 foods that will kill your personal best as a runner: –


  1. Milk

Milk and dairy products are loaded with sugars which are slowly digested and thus unsuitable during your pre-workouts. Consuming milk prior to your race could result in unpleasant stomach upset thus killing your personal best. Despite the fact that milk is one of the health foods to consume, the truth of the matter is that it’d have unpleasant results to some people including a mouth-coating sensation which could lead to heavy breathing as you run.

If you are to consume milk and other dairy products such as yogurt, it will be good to do it long before your workout or race as they are a good source of nutrients including fat, protein and carbohydrates.


  1. Alcohol

Alcohol and running don’t mix at all. In fact, consuming alcohol as a runner is like fueling your petrol car with diesel and this will only kill your endurance. As a runner, your nervous system plays a very important role in activation and coordination of muscle fibers and taking alcohol only slows it down thus affecting you negatively. Booze also brings about dehydration and thus should be avoided completely or at least a few days before your race and training.

Fried foods

  1. Fried foods

Fried foods have high-fat content which makes it very hard for them to move through your digestive system. This will affect you as a runner and kill your endurance in the process. In fact, it is hard and takes longer for the body to break fat molecules and use the energy. While it’ll not be bad to eat your favorite fried foods once in a while, it is good to avoid them before your race or workout as they will have an effect on your performance. Always avoid fast foods as they are fatty and these fats will make you become sluggish and non-effective.


  1. Soft drinks

Most soft drinks are loaded with sugar and a lot of calories. These will have a direct impact on your performance as they are hard for the body to break down. The rich calorie content in soft drinks will hamper your performance as they cause your blood sugar to rise and drop rapidly thus leading to headaches and fatigue. Avoid soft drinks before your race or workouts so as not to overwork your system unnecessarily as this will kill your performance.

Spicy foods

  1. Spicy foods

Those of us who love spices do so because they are tasty. However, despite the fact that the foods are yummy, taking them prior to your race is always a bad idea as it will affect your performance greatly. The spices can cause cases of gastrointestinal distress as well as heartburn. This doesn’t go well with any runner and could bring you to a halt.

It is important to eat healthy foods not only during your race but also throughout your life. Some of the healthiest foods such as quinoa and oatmeal are good for energy supply and the good news is that they are easy for the body to digest. If you want to run longer, always make sure you eat healthily.


Five foods will kill your staying power and Stamina. Maintain a strategic distance from these five foods in the event that you need to have max energy levels for your workout.

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