Wear It with Style: 10 Tips on How to Level Up Your Pencil Skirt Fashion Game

Pencil skirts are perhaps one those timeless fashion pieces that when put on, can instantly give any girl the ultimate feminine look. It is because pencil skirts can fit to just about any figure. Although most people associate this piece with office dress etiquettes and formality, there are ways that you can wear pencil skirts to suit the fashion of the day.

If you want to know the different ways on how to take your pencil skirt fashion game to a whole new level, you can take some cues of these tips below.

Wear a Patterned Pencil Skirt and Put On That Sweater

If it is a cold day to go to work, you can get yourself some warmth with this style: a cozy sweater tuck into a stylishly patterned pencil skirt. Not only will it give you that snuggly vibe around you, but this style is also perfect to create a kind of lightheartedness to a formal fashion piece.

Get Edgy with a Leather Pencil Skirt and Black Ankle Boots

That timeless fierce look any leather fashion essential can give! But did you know that a pencil skirt can equally provide you that? Yes, a leather pencil skirt is what I mean.

If you want to get that edgy aura in the office, you can top your leather pencil skirt with a cozy knit and a pair of black ankle boots. It is a guarantee you will turn some heads!

Gird Your Pencil Skirt with a Wide Belt

This style is ideal for those petite girls who are heading for work: high-waisted pencil skirt gird with a wide chic belt. Aside from the fact that high-waisted skirts and wide belt create the illusion of height, it is also formal yet stylish piece to wear to work.

Make It a Piece for a Color-Block Get-Up

Put on a pencil skirt in a punchy color and top it with a piece in a complementary hue. Then add stylish accessories such as a black handbag or a pair of high heels to contrast with your punchy color-blocking.

The classic shape of pencil skirts and its simple lines allows you to get creative with a funky color-blocking and add up some fashion details.

Pair Your Pencil Skirt with Floral Blouse

One of the most effective ways to amp up the feminine style of a pencil skirt is to pair it with a floral or other pretty printed blouses. You can choose a sheer top, ruffled, or lacy blouse to pair with it. You can add up some accessories like a pearl necklace to complete its feminine look.

Pencil Skirt with a Printed Tee on Top

For sure, with this style, you can now cast off the notion that pencil skirts are just for office wear. Yes, just pair your pencil skirt with a printed T-shirt for your top, and you can now have a relaxed work break with your friends. This match is effortlessly chic and can create an instantly cool look.

For the accessories, you can dress it up with a statement necklace, a pair of high heels, or a handbag. You can look for handbags on sites like Deal Wiki.

Leather Pencil Skirt and a Plaid Button-Down Long Sleeves

Another style to make it to your cool fashion ensemble: pencil skirt paired with plaid button-down long sleeves. You can wear it just about anywhere, in the mall, in a party, and in your office.

A White Pencil Skirt with a White Crop Top

For sure, pencil skirts can already outline your body curves. But, if you want to take the sexiness to another level, you can pair it with a crop top. Indeed, you will mingle sexiness with sophistication if you try it. For a unique look, you can choose a white pencil skirt with a white crop top to create a perfect matching.

Pair it with a Chunky Maroon Knit

This style is all about playing with hues and texture, and of course, getting that laid-back vibe when going to work. Yes, you can take your pencil skirt fashion to perfection if you pair it with a chunky maroon knit. Wear this style now to make it happen!

Printed Pencil Skirt, Cotton T-Shirt, and Blazer

Of course, your cotton t-shirt can also contribute in pulling off a formerly chic style to your pencil skirt! Choose a printed pencil skirt, tuck your cotton shirt into it, and then wear a tailored blazer on top of the shirt.


Pencil skirts are not just for the corporate environment. There are a lot of ways that you can wear it with a sense of style that can fit into the latest fashion trends of the day. What you just need is a bit of creativity, and you can now achieve it. You can also take cues of the tips above for that purpose.

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